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Depending on your business, this article on the measles I wrote might or might not fit. Just think of it as an example of what we could be doing for your business.


Is Ohio ground zero for the next Measles outbreak?

When we look at US population density and vaccination rates, both big risk factors in contagious disease, something scary pops out: Ohio.

Ohio is tied for worst MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination rate with a dismal 86% of Toddlers 19-35 months old based on 2013 data from the CDC National Immunization Survey. If Disneyland was in Ohio, we might be looking at a much larger problem. Of course, there are many factors not considered here, but the quick take is disturbing.

You might expect that part of the low vaccination rate in Ohio is based on a large Amish population, but that doesn’t explain the problem. In fact, Pennsylvania has about the same size population and percentage of Amish and yet it has an MMR rate of 93.3% — 7.3 points higher! reports their MMR vaccination rates were as high as 93.6% as recently as 2010. Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Teresa Long is quoted in the Columbus Post Dispatch as saying, “I’m really very disappointed. In the past, we were recognized as one of the highest in the nation for childhood vaccinations.”

We should note that toddler immunization rates are only part of the picture, and more Ohio children are expected to be vaccinated before acceptance to accredited Ohio preschools based on new Ohio laws. We should also note that this CDC Survey, as with all statistical analyses, has a potential variation from the 86% estimate.

The Disneyland Measles outbreak and the vaccination debate in the United States have many of us considering the trade-off between rights of religion and free speech vs. the need for public health.

It is good to know that Florida’s MMR vaccination rate is 93.4% according to the CDC Survey, which is well above the 92% minimum herd immunity threshold epidemiologists recommend for preventing a Measles outbreak.

We at [[Florida & Hurican, Attorneys at Law]] vaccinate our children, and yet we know that everyone’s situation is unique. There are legitimate reasons for not getting vaccinated. If you need help considering your options, applying for exemptions, or defending your rights, give us a call at [[000-000-0000]].

Without some form of dispensation, Florida law requires childhood vaccinations for all public and private schooling pursuant to Chapter 1003.22(4), Florida Statutes (FS), and Chapter 64D-3.046 of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC). The only exception is based on religious grounds via the Department of Health’s Religious Exemption from Immunization (DH 681 Form).

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