We Created a “Lawyers Using Twitter” List! Learn How to Start Your Own!

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November 5, 2009 – In case you haven’t heard yet, Twitter launched their new Twitter list feature last week. For a little more background info on the project, you can check out our previous blog on Twitter lists. Or maybe you have heard all the buzz about Twitter lists and just don’t know how to get started.

Below we’ve created an easy step by step Twitter list guide to to help you get the most out of your Twitter account and start a few lists of your own!

Step 1: What kind of list should I create?

Lists are another great marketing opportunity on Twitter. Just like how being featured on a Twitter list can help develop your exposure on the social network, creating a great list as a resource can also bring attention to your profile. Deciding on how you want to categorize your followers or create a list is the most important first step. You can check out websites like Listorious.com to see what lists other people have created to help inspire and ensure you don’t create a list that is already out there.

After deciding on the focus of your list, the next step is start creating a Twitter list on your profile. First sign into Twitter. On the right side of the screen under your profile name you’ll see the list option. Click on “New List” as shown below.

Twitter Step 1

Step 2: Create a great title for your list.

Now of course this depends on what your Twitter list intends to cover, but the name should be enticing, informative, and of course targeted to your main audience/industry. You can also decide whether you want your list to be public, meaning everyone can see it, or private (for your own personal use). Of course, if you are using your list as marketing device, you’ll want to make it public.

Twitter Step 2

Since We Do Web Content specializes in creating customized SEO content for lawyers, we decided to create a Twitter list for attorneys using the popular microblogging service and titled our first list: Lawyers Using Twitter.

Step 3: Add the names of other Twitter members to your new list.

After you’ve named your list, add your follwers or seek profiles/brands/businesses you aren’t connected to if you think they are valuable additions to your list.

Twitter Step 3

While searching you can not only find interesting new profiles to add to your list, you can also find inspiring new people to follow (great for networking!). You can click on the follow button to add the profile to your Following list or click on the list button to add them to your new Twitter list. Check out the screen shot below to see how the buttons will appear:

Step 4

And there you have it! You are the proud new owner of a Twitter List! Of course you can always add or delete members from your list at any time, or perhaps create new, more specialized lists as you go.

It goes without saying that if you’re not already following We Do Web Content on Twitter, you should add us ASAP to keep up with the latest SEO content and Internet marketing news, tips, and more!

If you are a lawyer who actively uses Twitter to market your firm and would like to be added to We Do Web Content’s “Lawyers Using Twitter” list, follow us on Twitter or fill out our contact form!

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