How to Stop Fearing Algorithm Changes and Keep Loving Google

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If he were alive today, the great Benjamin Franklin would say, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Google search algorithm updates.”

If you’ve been in the content search world for a while you’ll know this to be true – Google has been improving its search algorithms since it first rolled out its service back in 1997. Somehow, after 16 years the search world still gets into an uproar every time Google makes an algorithm update.

Still, there are some of us who still play it cool when algorithms change or are rolled out to the public. How does a content marketer deal with this constant state of flux in their business practices? It’s simple: learn to roll with the punches by creating flexible, quality content.

Make Your Content Flexible and Go Where Google Takes You

One of the reasons many web content writers panic when a new Google algorithm takes hold is because they went all-in trying to beat the algorithm without giving enough thought to quality content.

New algorithms and updates to existing algorithms may require going back and giving older content a facelift and perhaps tossing a few posts. But by ignoring quality in previous content, content owners and producers may now have to completely throw out entire libraries of content if it doesn’t perform well under Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm.

When a new algorithm update or addition comes out, try not to make any drastic, knee-jerk moves. Acting too hastily could lead to over-optimization and future headaches, so keep your cool, evaluate your previous content and make changes where necessary, and start reviewing your content strategy. With an eye on quality as you produce your content, you may get by with minimal reworking – or no reworking at all – when Google launches future algorithms.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Content Basket

Content marketers that rely solely on one type of content – or even one syndication method – are setting themselves up for a lot more stress than necessary. If your content strategy is reliant completely on Google search results it’s no wonder you get a massive headache every time Google’s search methods change.

To avoid the next search algorithm announcement panic – and believe us, there will definitely be another announcement at some point – make sure your content strategy isn’t relying solely on search engine ranking. Try some of these alternative methods of getting your content found:

  • syndication on social profiles;
  • monthly eNewsletter blasts with highlights from your blog and content library;
  • writing guest blogs or becoming a featured author on other authoritative, relevant sites;and
  • sharing your content on professional networking groups through LinkedIn, Google+ Communities, forums, etc.

We Do Web Content Plays it Cool Through Google’s Updates

Don’t cringe, celebrate Google’s algorithm updates – they’re here to help make search a better place for all of us. We Do Web Content helps take the reins on your content marketing so you don’t have to worry about the next update. Just give us a call or complete our contact form to speak with our sales manager about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through Internet and SEO marketing: 888-521-3880.