How To Use Social Media to Extend Your PR Reach

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November 16, 2009 – Social networking is a great opportunity to extend your public relations as well as drive traffic to your website when leveraged properly. Below we’ll discuss how incorporating social networking into your PR can help solidify and expand your brand.

1. Get the word out – press releases are wonderful for getting the word out about your company. When you expand your audience through participating in social media, you can reach more potential clients as well as the journalists and bloggers looking for stories online. Unlike the natural course of most press releases — you write and publish a press release then a journalist reads it and then maybe writes a story — you are communicating directly with the people you are trying to reach and initiating conversations with them based on your PR material, which can lead to more conversions.

2. Build a brand – Social media helps to create a personality for your brand and helps put a face and a voice on your company. With advances in communication and the way we interact online (due in LARGE part to social networking websites), consumers expect more from the companies they choose to do business with. Internet users look to their friends and family for recommendations, and then they search and compare websites to find the best fit for their legal needs. If you are out there participating in the conversation and changing the image of your law firm from anonymous online lawyer to a lawyer who is available online as a personal resource, Internet users will come to you for this information and then contact you about your services.

3. Continue your SEO efforts – Your keywords should be used whenever possible to help promote your website and expand your online presence. You can and should use your press releases as well as your social networking to help your SEO efforts by incorporating those keywords in your releases and posts. These are searchable terms, and when your online press releases, social networking posts, and blog entries all show up for those keywords in organic search engine results, you are working towards greater exposure while giving credibility to your brand and law firm as an “expert source”.

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