How to Use Your Existing Online Reviews to Inspire More Reviews

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When your business gets a new positive online review you probably feel like bragging and that’s okay – in fact, it’s encouraged!

By featuring reviews that others have left for your business you show that you’re a company worth talking about. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to showcase what others say about your business and thank them publically for being a loyal customer. In turn, other clients may see that and want to get in on the spotlight.

Making a Big To-Do about a New Review

When you get a new review, take the celebration outside the office and make it public. Post a link to the review on your social media profiles and publically thank the reviewer in your post. This is a sign to your clients that you really do appreciate their feedback and it’s worth the effort to review your business.

After linking to the review, it’s a good idea to mention that you appreciate all feedback and respond to all comments and reviews as soon as you can. Then it’s time to ask for more!

Gaining More Reviews is Simple – Just Ask!

You’ve shown your followers that customers take the time to review your business and that often helps them get over the awkward, “I don’t want to be the only one reviewing,” thoughts. Sometimes reviewers won’t leave a comment because they don’t want to be the only one talking. By sharing your reviews you show that people are willing to sing your praises and that you really appreciate them for doing so.

At the end of your post thanking your client for the review, simply encourage others to follow suit. Linking to the review makes it easy for them to click the link and go to the site where your review was posted, which makes it simple for them to leave a review of their own. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly nudge to remind your clients that you appreciate their reviews.

Let Your Client Reviews Do the Internet Marketing for You

Most followers of business pages love getting individual attention from the page. Whether it’s a thanks for the review or a reply to a question or comment they made, when a client is really spoken to in a social profile engagement it can make them feel like they’re the only client that matters – a philosophy many business owners take to heart.

Online reviews are one of the main sources of business reputation improvement, which is why it’s important to continuously cultivate and grow your reviews across multiple platforms. We Do Web Content helps businesses manage their reviews and create content campaigns to strengthen client interaction on social media. For more information, download your FREE copy of our guide to getting kick-ass reviews. When you’re ready to get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call today – 888-521-3880.