Share, Like, It’s All The Same on Facebook Now

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March 1, 2011 – Happy March! Facebook is heralding in a new month with more updates to the ever debated “share” “like” “fan” verbiage associated with websites wanting their followers to promote and connect with them on Facebook.

A little history…Facebook began with Fan Pages, where you could “become a fan” of a business. Then they decided businesses just needed to have Pages, and you could then “like” that page. And then came the ability to “like” websites too – from a basic “like” of Google all the way to “liking” a specific article on a blog.


The terminology for connecting to a business on Facebook has been changing rapidly the last year or so as the social media network attempts to find the sweet spot in marketing buzzwords. However, the newest update to the “like” button has been a functional one.

Now when you click to “like” a webpage it operates more like the “share” feature seen on many other social media content services. The button will now post a mini-synopsis of what you’re “liking”, complete with a headline, blurb, and sometimes even an image thumbnail. No longer will a tiny update of “(your name) likes (thing)” be the update to your news feed – it’ll now appear more robust, just like if you were sharing a link, picture, or video on your normal news feed update.

So what does all this mean to businesses? First, you should check to see that there’s a Facebook-friendly logo for your web address to be associated with. That means a nice clean JPEG, no Flash banners will work here. You should test how a “liked” page looks from your website and adjust page titles, meta descriptions, and those thumbnails so you know what your clients are sharing with their friends.

The more attractive your website’s “like” style is, the more likely your client’s friends will see it on their news feeds. Facebook marketing is a highly visual area and both thumbnail and meta text need to grab potential clients’ attention in a short amount of time and in a small amount of space.

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