Why Hyperlinks Help Your Website

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August 11, 2009 – We’ve had a lot of conversations with new and potential clients about how the SEO content services at We Do Web Content can help websites get better page rankings and lead to more conversions through great informative web content, SEO keywords, and linking strategies.

Often times, when we mention how important it is for SEO content to link to other websites, there is a pause and then a quick, “well…we don’t want our customers to leave our website,” reply. There are a lot of reasons to include hyperlinks in your SEO content, and if it is done correctly, customers will stay on your website LONGER.

Hyperlinks Should Work For You, Not Against You

Hyperlinks exist to help readers fully understand your SEO content. There may be terms they are unfamiliar with that a simple link to Wikipedia or WebMD or a legal dictionary can fix. If you don’t provide EASY access to this information from your website, they will leave it and continue the research on their own elsewhere. When you provide a hyperlink that opens in a second window or tab, the reader stays on your website, gets the quick info they need and then returns to your article.

Hyperlinks help build page rankings
 and affect your search engine results by adding the quality of those links to the overall quality rating of your SEO content. Without any links, you are losing out on opportunities that can help increase your search engine rankings.

Hyperlinks should be always be helpful. Sometimes I think when people hear the word “link” they are under the impression that the links will lead to competitor’s websites and cause them to lose business. If that was the case, that might be true, but I don’t know of any company that uses hyperlinks in their SEO content to link to competing websites.

Hyperlinks are great for explaining complicated terms that would be too lengthy to spell out in an article, and direct readers to additional resources (including the home pages of organizations within that field) i.e. – a website for an auto body shop might have a link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in an article about car accidents. This is not a competing website but provides great information for that reader about car safety.

Don’t be afraid of links. When hyperlinks are well thought out, relevant to your SEO content, and not leading readers to competitve or spam websites, they are great boosts for your web pages.

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