Importance of Page Titles to Your Google Ranking When It Comes to SEO

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Page titles used to be a hot spot for shoving keywords in to improve your search engine rankings. While that worked fine in the past as far as pleasing the Google spiders, it never did much for the actual humans reading these titles on a search result page.

Google came to realize that their users deserved better, more relevant page titles and decided that they’d reward those SEO writing companies that took the time to produce quality page titles rather than keyword-stuffed lines that made no real sense; therefore, we’ve reached the point where this is now the general accepted rule for creating page titles:

Good: The Top 10 Local Search Directories for Promoting Your Business
Bad: Local Search, Places to Market Business, Business Marketing Local
The bad example is bad for many reasons, aside from the obvious fact that it’s not even a statement and just a jumble of key phrases. A searcher may look at that and assume it’s a junk or spam link and pass by your page for a website with more favorable page titles like the good example above.

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