Improve Your Business by Learning from Bad Reviews

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June 7, 2011 – Next week, we’ll start a new blog series. In the meantime, let’s talk about bad reviews, shall we?

The Internet’s been a hot spot for all things controversial – both good and bad. With all the social networking, information sharing and contacting we do through the World Wide Web it’s no wonder that anything shared through “the cloud” can become an attention-getter.

There are two sides to every coin, and the information about you on the Internet can be both good and bad. As we’ve seen in the past, the Internet can do horrible things to one’s reputation…from inappropriate tweets and CraigsList ads causing a stir among politicians, to crazy Facebook wars between celebrities.

Have you ever heard the saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”? It’s true, especially on the Internet. As a business owner, you may have gotten some not-so-favorable reviews on Yelp or AngiesList, and there could be a wayward blogger snarking at your services with their WordPress site.

We’re here to tell you that it’s OK to have a few bad reviews!
 Think of them as learning opportunities…common themes among customer complaints mean something needs to be done. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, answer to them and find ways to improve – and make sure your customers know you’re doing it!

If you’re getting complaints on a public forum like your blog or a review site like Yelp, take the time to reply back publically.
 This lets current customers know you’re aware of the issue and are resolving it, and shows potential customers that you’re concerned with customer satisfaction.


Your content can benefit from negative reviews, too. Write a blog compiling reviews with similar complaints and explain how you’re working to correct these issues. You can even do a series showing the progress you’re making. This shows clients that you’re not ignoring their opinions – you’re looking to them as a source of guidance to build a better business.

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