Improve Your Business Marketing with a Company Blog on Merchant Circle

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Merchant Circle is a top local business directory that provides free listings to local merchants to improve their business marketing and local presence. One of the coolest features we’ve seen benefitting our clients is the option to publish a company blog right on your profile.

Getting Started with Merchant Circle is Easy

First start by searching for your business – you may already have a listing. Merchant Circle aggregates from other sources where your business is already listed. That’s fine – there’s an option to claim your existing listing or if your name and address don’t already appear, you can start a new listing.

Once you’ve claimed your business address, it’s time to optimize! Make sure your profile is complete and includes great photos, all of your critical business info, and some helpful descriptions to let potential customers know about your specialties, services, and history.

The more you add, the more your future customers will know about your business – it’s marketing made easy!

Take Things Further With Your Merchant Circle Business Blog

Blogging is a quick, friendly way to get information out to your customers. Merchant Circle offers a free blog feature, but it’s up to you to put it to use. Share content that’s relevant and useful to your target clientele to establish a good reputation as a leader in your industry and local area. You probably aren’t the only business of your kind in your city, so you need to stand out!

To get the most out of your business blog, choose general topics that will appeal to a broad range of clients. For example, if you are a florist, write about appropriate flower arrangements for certain seasons. Attorneys can write about situations in which someone might need their legal help. Hair salons can write about the new line of products their stylists are using.

Try to keep your blog topics focused on what’s current and important for your business. If there’s a hot topic in the news regarding your industry, blogging about it can help drive more attention to your Merchant Circle listing. The more relevant your blogs, the more credibility you establish.

We get it – creating new, fresh content on a regular basis is time consuming. You have a business to run! That’s why We Do Web Content is here – we handle your business marketing and blog content so you can concentrate on your daily operations. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more about our content services and local business listing optimization: 888-521-3880.