Improve Your SEO by Optimizing Old Content

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Is your business looking to improve its SEO ranking? While fresh content is always a good option to draw the attention of search engine spiders, you can also pique their interest by optimizing old content on your website!

Teach Your Old Content New Tricks

Statistics, facts and figures are some of the best resources to include in your content if you want to establish your business as an authority. The issue with these resources is that over time, they tend to lose their relevancy. Who wants to read car crash fatality statistics from 1998 when it’s 2013?

Relevancy is a key component to improve your SEO. Content that is irrelevant will not only look out of place on your website, but it often confuses the Google algorithms. Every bit of content on your website should serve to promote your business and speak about your company in some way.

When optimizing old content you should look at numbers first. If you have outdated statistics it’s time to find some fresh content! Optimizing this previous content is not only effective in promoting better SEO, but also helps you rank for more timely searches. Users will be searching for statistics within the past two to four years, not from 10+ years ago.

Optimizing Old Content Can Just Be a Simple Rewrite

When you focus to improve your SEO and ranking you don’t need to flood your website with new articles and blogs. Oversaturation can sometimes be detrimental – if you’re churning out that much new content at once, quality may be sacrificed.

If you’re looking to focus a little love on your search engine optimization methods, why not build upon what you already have? Optimizing the old content on your site takes less work than writing a whole new article, and you get the opportunity to reinforce some of the topics and information you already rely on to draw attention to your business.

Go back in your article library and look at some of the earliest content you posted. No matter what the age of your website, it’s likely that your old content doesn’t fit the current optimization methods.You’re going to want to look at the following items:

  • Article length – You want to be informative, but not exhausting. If you don’t need 700 words to convey the message, stick to around 400-500.
  • Keyword density – This “rule” has changed the most since the early days of SEO. We like to focus on a one percent density, meaning your keyword or phrase should appear once per 100 words of content.
  • Keyword selection – Search trends change, and certain buzzwords may not be as popular as they once were. Learn what keywords are ranking for your industry now and utilize them in your content optimization.

You also need to pay attention to the topics of the articles you’ve written. As a web company, We Do Web Content often writes on current events in the SEO and Internet world. These blogs can become irrelevant pretty quick, which is also why it’s a good idea to purge some old entries. However, don’t do this if you’re ranking for them! We keep our annual Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers around every year because they’re still bringing us web traffic!

Improve Your SEO – WDWC Can Optimize Your Old Content!

If your goal for the New Year is to improve your SEO, start by letting We Do Web Content optimize your old content. A refreshed landing page or updated articles can help boost your relevance to search engines and readers alike! To get started, give us a call or contact us using our web form to start discussing all of the services we offer to improve your SEO. 888-594-5442