Increase Your Facebook Interactions by Having a Baby

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Blog Series: Marketing Your Social Media

June 29, 2011 
– One of our friends, Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing, became the proud father of a new baby boy, Luke, last December. Little Luke unknowingly became a social media star thanks to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter announcing his birth and sharing pictures and video of the newborn and proud family.

Why is this important to social media marketing? If you’re like most people, you’re already wondering where links to this content are, because let’s face it, almost everyone loves to see new baby pictures and video! The same goes for cute animal content – some of the top viral videos areadorable kittens doing adorable things.

Just as the name implies, social media needs to still be social, even when you’re using it for business purposes. To get more draw to your page you need to offer more than just a constant stream of business content links. Even if you’re posting the type of unique, quality content that We Do Web Content provides, your clients are still going to be looking for something fresh and new to break the monotony.


We interrupt this blog to show you baby Luke in his snazzy Google outfit!

So feel free to post a few pictures of your secretary’s new puppy, or do a photo press release breaking the news of your new office location. If you’ve got a little video editing magic on your side, grab a camera and do a sped-up 30-second tour of your office with some high-energy music to show your clients “where the magic happens”. Even offbeat things like a quick sketch of your logo designare intriguing content posts that your page “likers” will be apt to share with their friends.

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