Integrating Social Media with Online Marketing

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October 6, 2009
– Over the past few days we’ve been discussing the benefits of social networking for lawyers. Another important strategy in getting the most out of your social marketing efforts is to integrate that web content with other SEO and online marketing campaigns.

A great piece of web content, say an article written on a relevant subject concerning your legal niche, is a valuable asset for your website. You can take that web content a step further by not only optimizing it for search engines, but also:

  • Sending the article out into the universe by providing links on social networks (Twitter andFacebook)
  • Using it to start a discussion on Linkedin
  • Creating a teaser blog that links to the article (RSS subscribers, etc will find the blog that leads to the article)
  • Getting the article rated on content rating websites like Digg
  • Bookmark and share the article on Delicious

If your law firm distributes newsletters or email blasts, these are additional opportunities to market your SEO web content and get your information out to your readers. Social media is about sharing information; the more information you share, the more opportunities there will be for other social networkers to find and share that information with their friends and so on and so on.

The main goal here is generating traffic. When you can generate a decent amount of traffic from a single great piece of content by distributing it over several channels, that one article has paid for itself a 100 x over.

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