Internet Addiction Rehab Open for Business

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August 24, 2009 – While it might not be as common as heroin addiction, reports of people whose love for the Internet turns into a debilitating and alienating mental condition is on the rise. The offcial name for such a disorder is IAD, Internat Addiction Disorder, and while it is not yet been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders, there is now a fully operational program called reSTART at the Heavensfield Retreat Center, which claims to be the first US program created to directly treat Internet Addiction.

Many people associate IAD with hardcore Internet-based video gamers, such as those who just can’t stop playing Word of Warcraft. The reSTART program is a 45-day treatment program located near Seattle, WA that disconnects the addicts from the Internet and attempts to help them regain social skills and learn about life beyond the ‘net with the help of therapists, exercise, yoga, and other activities.

If your not sure about the validity of Internet Addiction, just check out this video from CNN:

Learn more about the first US Internet Addiction treatment center by reading the whole story on Mashable.

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