Internet Etiquette for Link Sharing on Social Media

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October 25, 2011 – Those who cling to the social niceties of the world often speculate how etiquette maven Emily Post would operate if she were to engage in social media (in fact, the Emily Post Etipedia offers plenty of tips on social networking, in case you want to see how her progeny tackle the topic). We’d like to think Ms. Post would have a thing or two to say about sharing, or rather, how you go about link sharing on social media profiles.


There’s a near infinite amount of content floating around the World Wide Web, but only a small portion of it is really shared. Sharing makes the content marketing world go ’round, but it’s important to be responsible about the links you post.

One general rule of thumb: any time you reference another source’s work, throw them some credit! With social media this goes beyond a simple “works cited” style of credit. Because social media is “social” you want to specifically link to whomever you found the content from and give them a little friendly mention in your post content.

On Twitter, this is known as a “re-tweet” where you basically re-post a tweet sent by another user. Most Twitter clients, including the actual Twitter website, have an automatic re-tweet function built in – so there’s no excuse not to use it!

For Facebook, there’s the share link, which allows you to share posts from other friends and pages on your own wall. This is also pretty automatic and attributes the content to the original poster (you’ll see “We Do Web Content shared a link from Browser” on the post or some similar notice).

These attributions are automatic making it super easy to follow Internet etiquette! Avoid copying and pasting content links and adding your own message without giving a shout out to the person who tipped you off. This helps you to build solid online relationships and foster the social media love.

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