Internet Explorer Is Going Down – The Great Browser War is On!

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July 6, 2009 – (via TechCrunch) After a decade of being the top dog Web browser, Internet Explorer is finally receiving some great competition and users are flocking to new or updated browsers at a rapid pace.

Web browsers like Firefox 3.5 (which has been downloaded 14 million times since last week), Google’s improved version of Chrome, and Apple’s Safari 4 are actually making the term “browser market” relevant again, especially in light of new research released by Statcounter which claims that Internet Explorer has lost 11.4% of their market share to other browsers since March.

While Microsoft is trying to keep their stronghold on the industry, especially through the introduction of Internet Explorer 8 in March, it seems like Internet users are starting to understand that they can actually choose which Web browser they like and aren’t stuck with IE out of habit or the idea that IE was the only browser out there.

We’ll keep an eye on how this trend grows and how Microsoft responds.

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