How do Internet users search?

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When people use search engines to find information, products, or new websites, how do they search? And more importantly, how does this translate to potential customers finding your website?

A report compiled by iProspect in 2008 focuses on how search engine users conduct their searches and which pages or types of pages received the most clicks. The research concentrated on “blended” search results where content pages, images, videos, and news are all included in searches conducted on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, the three largest search engines.

The results? It’s all about the page ranking.

iProspect found that 70% of internet searchers click on a result in the first page of offered search results. Enquisite, another research company who did a similar study in 2008 found that number to be closer to 90%. The Enquisite study also found that clicks on page two already dropped to an astonishingly low 7%.

The iProspect study also found that when images, videos, and other content are mixed in the search results (blended or universal searches), the click through rates are generally higher.

36% of searchers clicked on a news item when blended with search results, 31% clicked on an image, and 17% clicked on a video.

What this demonstrates is the overall importance of getting your website on the first page of search results when an internet user enters a relevant term to your company. It also speaks to the importance of varying your content by providing images, videos, and blogs as well as making sure those pieces are titled, tagged, and optimized for search results.

Using search engine optimization is half the battle. The other half is providing the quality web content that will make your potential customers stay and buy.

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