Internet Video Killed the TV Star: Why We Love YouTube

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Blog Series: Marketing with Internet Video

July 18, 2011 
– There’s more to YouTube than cute animal videos, slapstick humor, and talented entertainers. Internet video is fast becoming one of the quickest and most popular ways to share all kinds of information – including marketing your business.


More and more consumers are turning to YouTube to find information. It’s one thing to offer your consumers an instruction manual, but a completely different experience to watch a step-by-step assembly video. Many companies are starting to produce how-to and troubleshooting videos for their products online to accompany their paper manuals.

Even consumers themselves are getting into the Internet video craze. Video reviews are popular on Amazon where customers can rant and rave about their recent purchases. This adds depth to the traditional customer review as it allows would-be-buyers the ability to see a real person like them interacting with and giving their opinion on a product they’re researching.

For non-retail businesses Internet video is becoming an important digital resume. Professional services like accountants, lawyers, and consultants are using YouTube to create educational videos. Educational videos give your potential clients the answers they seek and create a personal user experience. “Meeting” a lawyer through a YouTube video segment can make that first consultation less intimidating for most clients!

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