Interviewing Your Social Media Expert

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July 22, 2009 – While I was on Twitter earlier I came across a great tweet leading me to a blog on Conversation Marketing that discussed really good questions (and good answers) to ask a social media “expert” before you decide to sign on with them.

While the piece managed to balance the humor of the situation with some very real attitudes and answers to be wary of, it really got me thinking about social media in general and how people may be quick to call themselves experts on a subject they are only mildly familiar with — or just faking it completely.

While social media is a relatively new genre for most businesses and a lot of companies are understandably confused as how to manage their social media profiles or even get started, it’s worth taking the time to consider the benefits of expanding your web presence to social media and getting the right kind of help in doing so.

At We Do Web Content, we offer online marketing and social media services to our clients, and just like many of the other professionals out there, we’re constantly learning more about the process everyday. The best advice I can give, which is reiterated in the CM blog, is that someone claiming to be an expert in this field also needs to acknowledge that they don’t know everything, that different strategies will be successful or defeating to specific companies, and that the world of social media is expanding at such a constant rate that concrete results, trials and errors, and innovations that change everything are all varying factors that will need to be addressed throughout the process.

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