iPads Are Taking Over Corporate America

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September 8, 2010 – Most corporate offices have a ban on technology devices like the iPhone, which can lead to distractions in the workplace. Most personal electronic devices like smartphones and personal laptops are banned for use at work because they tend to do more harm than good when it comes to productivity.

The anomaly in today’s business world is Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad, which has transcended the classification of consumer device to corporate tech toy. Many businesses have taken to adopting the iPad as their latest solution to increasing the mobility and freedom of their employees.


iPads may create a whole new world of interactive business meetings!

iPads are lighter weight and less expensive than most laptops, but that’s not the biggest draw for corporate America. The iTunes App store already boasts more than 11,000 applications developed specifically for the iPad, and of those more than 500 are categorized for businesses. Even well-known communication technology giant Cisco Systems is in the iPad game with their popular free app that allows employees to access internal corporate systems from their iPads.

The iPad is finding a home in the corporate world at all levels. Big companies with the luxury of their own IT department have found it possible to develop their own internal applications without going through the approval of the iTunes store. This allows them to create productivity solutions that suit their exact needs on a much more budget-friendly scale.

Smaller companies are using their iPads to take advantage of those great business apps,
as well as manage PDF documents in eBook format, create and show presentations on the go, and record customer information without having to return to a desk. The iPad is also quickly finding a home in the medical field with the ability to review medical images and access patient records in lieu of a paper clipboard.

One of the best ideas we’ve heard for the legal world is the use of the iPad as a digital distribution method for consumer guides and legal books.
While many law firms offer digital versions of their books, few take advantage of the fact that the iPad will really operate like a book does, flipping pages and allowing for color graphics. The Internet connectivity of the iPad also means that your eBooks can be enhanced with Web links to your own firm’s website.

As the development of iPad technology continues to increase in the business world, your law firm may want to consider what a few of these devices could do for your office. Many clients are easily swayed by new technology, and offering them your own custom content on their iPad is a great way to show your firm is on-the-ball with the latest information technology!

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