Is Crowdsourcing Good for SEO?

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July 14, 2009 – The idea of “crowdsourcing”, the act of letting large groups of users perform a task that is usually reserved for a single agent of group, is getting a lack of traction lately. When it comes to social media, crowdsourcing can help online marketers spread word-of-mouth advertising or generate new marketing ideas (through polls, surveys, etc.), but while crowdsourcing has some great merits – community involvement, corporate interaction with customers, free input, etc. is there a limit to what crowdsourcing should be used for?

Search Engine Watch released an article about how crowdsourcing projects like translation (Linkedin polled for translation volunteers recently) could affect the SEO keywords for a website. When it comes to SEO content in general, strategy is key. Analyzing, deciding on, and implementing SEO keywords and long-tail phrases that will benefit your website is something that needs to be a conscious act.

While crowdsourcing can be a great indicator of where your SEO content needs to go and perhaps what kind of content your readers would find enjoyable, it may not be the project you want to leave in the hands of unexperienced volunteers, the costs may prove too costly in the long run.

When does crowdsourcing go from helpful to inhibiting? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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