Is E-mail Obsolete? Maybe for the class of 2014.

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August 23, 2010 – It’s hard to believe, but today’s new college student barely e-mails. That’s right, the communication leader for the past few years is now taking a back seat to new methods of communication, especially social media.

Today’s generation of texters and tweeters has been found to say e-mail is “too slow” according to a survey conducted by Mindset List.
Their list of information about the incoming freshman class produced several revelations about the class of 2014.


Social media sites like Facebook are becoming the new alternative to e-mail.


So what’s happening to e-mail? Because it’s longer form, often on sluggish servers, and isn’t as mobile and integrated as other communication forms are, they’re just not using it. Today’s generation is all about instant communication, or always-on connectivity to their friends.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook allow for users to instantly connect to their friends and followers, updating in real time rather than having to wait for servers to send and receive mail.Mobile devices are also becoming increasingly more supportive of these social media sites. Apps designed specifically for Facebook and Twitter are on all the major smartphone OS, while e-mail support on these devices continues to be a bit sluggish and bothersome.

The impact this revelation has on Internet marketing is that the traditional methods of e-newsletters and subscribing to updates via e-mail may soon need to become a thing of the past. Businesses are learning more and more that connecting to their clients through social media is the way to go.

As a law firm, you should be considering social media as a good way to connect to your clients on a more individual level. When you are seeking to grow your clientele, it’s best to seek them out in the places they go to for information about new products and services. Commercial goods and retail brands have already made social media a priority, and your law firm should be looking at this popular option as well.

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