Is Facebook Bigger Than Yahoo? Well…Yes and No

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February 1, 2010 – According to some new data by comScore, Facebook’s growth could have it becoming the third largest web property in the world before years end, but some pageview numbers already make it seem like Facebook has taken Yahoo down a notch.

Yahoo may still technically be the world’s third largest web property, but that title could be changing very soon according to their latest growth charts. Facebook already left AOL in the dust in December, but just look at these numbers, via Techcrunch:

In December, 2009, Facebook attracted 469 million unique visitors, up an incredible 31 million visitors from the month before. To put that in perspective, in a single month Facebook gained as many new visitors as Yahoo did all year. That one-month gain was also the equivalent of adding as many people as all of Digg or half of Meanwhile, Yahoo lost 7 million unique visitors from November to December to end the year at 594 million unique visitors. (In the U.S., Yahoo is a stronger No. 2 after Google, with 161 million uniques in December, compared to 173 million for Google, 138 million for Microsoft, and 112 Million for Facebook).

These numbers also do not include the estimated 60 million people monthly who visit Facebook and other sites through Facebook Connect. They also don’t go into pageviews, where Facebook grew 141% in 2009 to 193 billion views — almost double Yahoo’s 100 billion visits (which is down 2% from the year before).

Still need more proof that Facebook is in it to win it? Facebook users spent about 116 million minutes browsing status updates and interacting with friends and brands while Yahoo could only claim 101 million. That also breaks down to the average Facebook visitor spending 247 minutes per month on Facebook while Yahoo visitors only stuck around for 170 minutes a month.

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