Is Google a Small Company? They’d Like You to Think So.

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Whether you’re an online marketer, SEO expert, a housewife in Minnesota, or high school student, most likely you’re using Google to search for products, businesses, news, and answers to everyday questions online.

Since Google is responsible for 2/3 of all the searches conducted on the Internet and brought in an amazing $22 billion in advertising last year alone (more than any other media company in the world), most people would likely classfiy Google as a huge company that clearly dominates not only search engine marketing, but the way many people function online. Google would not agree — well, at least not entirely.

A recent article in The New York Times discusses Google’s fight with public opinion, and ultimately federal regulators that they are in fact a small company whose search engine’s unparalleled current success could change overnight.

The article sheds light on some public presentations being made by Dana Wagner, Google’s “senior competition counsel”, who also happens to be a former antitrust lawyer at the Justice Department. The piece also disects a few of Google’s arguments that they are indeed a small company in a giant market and not the”unshakable monopoly” they are commonly viewed as.

Do you think Google is still a small fish or have they already swallowed the pond?

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