Is on-page SEO and keyword density dead?

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Where has on-page SEO gone? What’s the correct way to build out my content and structure my keywords for maximum ranking results? In today’s blog, we feature none other than Rand Fishkin from MOZ who digs into keywords, user intent, and more.


So, what is the correct way to use and place keywords on a page?

keyword repetition-on page seo

In a recent Whiteboard Friday on keyword repetition, Rand says the minimum you should have your keywords on a page are:


  • 1 x in the title
  • 1x in the headline
  • 2-3x in your content
  • 1x in the meta-description


Keyword repetition


This holds true for about 95% of your pages. Let’s dig deeper and see why this makes sense.


As a user, I do a search query for “Criminal Defense Attorney”.  A page with a title tag and heading that includes the words “Criminal Defense Attorney” will let me know that the page contains content relevant to my search, i.e., that it will discuss criminal defense attorneys or tell me how to hire one. It lets me know I can click on this result to find what I am looking for, and landing on a page with a heading containing that term lets me know I landed on the right page. Makes sense, right?


Getting your keyword in the body of your content 2-3 times should be very simple when writing naturally; you should be able to accomplish this without over-optimizing the page.


Including your keyword in the meta-description of your page is also important because the snippet appears in the search results. When I am doing a search, and the results page appears, I don’t always pick the first result because the rich snippet may not answer my query. It is important to have the keyword and relevant information in your meta-description. Again, this is pretty basic information and should be done on about 95% of your pages.


However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can also include the keywords in the alt text of your relative keyword image, 1x in the URL, in your subheaders, and in the image name, says Rand. So, when you are creating your image, make sure you name the image with the keyword as well.


I hope that gives you a baseline on the current keyword strategies for your on-page optimization and keyword use. If you need help writing content for your website, get in touch with us today. We write for attorneys, doctors, and more.


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