Is quality content enough to attract clients?

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October 12, 2010 – In a recent poll conducted by Vocus it has been found that half of the marketing executives surveyed believe compelling content is the best way to attract clients. This beats out authenticity, celebrity influence, and client interaction in the best way to market to new and existing clients.

This isn’t surprising, since Junta42’s marketing blog also found that marketers are increasing the spending of their marketing budget on content marketing. So now that everyone’s buying content, making content, and throwing content everywhere, is it really working?


You can generate a ton of content, but it won’t get you anywhere if clients don’t respond.

You can’t just create content (or get someone to create it for you) and think that’s going to fix everything. It’s similar to diet pills, there’s no magic pill to make you lose weight, you have to change your eating and exercise habits as well to make it effective.

When you create content you, you need to tailor it in order to make sense with your overall marketing program. Once you’ve got a nice collection of quality content available on your blog and website you then need to make sure you’re utilizing it to its full potential. That means distributing through your social media profiles, posting articles to directories like Ezine, and encouraging discussion and client interaction with your content.

Utilizing SEO strategies when developing your content makes it easier for clients to find your articles in organic search engine results. Proper tagging of your blogs allows them to be easily browsed and aggregated in blog feed readers. Posting your latest YouTube video on your Facebook profile not only allows others to easily share it with their friends, but also shows your content is relevant when it is linked to on other sources.

You need to supplement the quality of your content with good distribution habits and client interaction.
 Never neglect your blog comments area or your Facebook post comments. If your clients are taking the time to read your content, you should take the time to respond to their comments and questions.

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