Is your home page memorable?

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The design of your website is an important aspect of your Internet marketing, and we’re not just talking about color schemes!

How your website is laid out is often the most important method of engaging clients and making them spend more time on your pages. Your website should be sporting a clean, inviting layout that flows well and places the most important information on top where users are most apt to see it.

But how do you know what information really catches your clients’ attention? What makes your website memorable? What do visitors look at (and remember) first?

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What grabs your attention when you first look at a website?

These questions were difficult to answer in the past before market researchers started developing tools to help webmasters design better navigated and marketable websites. Services are full of analysis features used to help you decipher how a visitor uses your website. Their wide array of tools comes at a cost, but there’s now a free alternative!

Clue, a new website analysis tool from the interaction design and design strategy firm ZURB, is a free, simple test you can use to determine what features users remember about your website the most. You enter your website URL and it creates a snapshot of your home page. Then you use their specially provided URL to test the image of your site with users.

The test shows your home page screen for 5 seconds, then users are asked to list up to 5 things they remember about your website. It sounds simplistic, but you’ll be amazed that your clients are attracted to certain things on your home page over others.

Some of the best results we’ve seen that grab viewers’ attention are eye-catching home page features such as live chat boxes and keyword-rich page titles. Another great strategy is including a graphic and link to your free eBook offers. Clients are attracted to the word “free” and the more prominent the offer is on your home page, the more likely they are to click for more information.

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