Is Your Site’s Bounce Rate Through the Roof?

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Paying attention to your bounce rates is a great way to discover just how effective your web pages are. If any given web page on your site is experiencing a high bounce rate (over 36%), then you need to take a serious look at both the content contained on that page as well as who going there and then quickly navigating away.

Google Analytics has amazing support tools for websites that let you review exactly who is visiting your website, who is bouncing, what sites they are visiting from (through links, etc.), and which of those sources is leading to the most bounce results.

It may be that a page linking to yours is promising people information they won’t find on your actual web page. Then it will be up to you to either change the content of that page or not. If a lot of people are using the link, it’s far better for you to tweak your content than to tell the other site to stop linking to you unless there has been a huge misunderstanding in the type of website that you are running.

Studying your bounce rates can also clue you into user problems, such as navigation problems or other technical issues that is making your page unattractive or hard to use.

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