It’s a Newsy Fun Friday! Facebook Changes, Google Fun!

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September 16, 2011 – There’s just so much news to share on the Internet this week, it’s time for some links!

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First up, we haven’t mentioned the Google Doodle lately, and today just so happens to be Albert Szent-Gyorgyi’s birthday. Don’t have a clue who he is or why his representative doodle looks like the front of an orange juice bottle? Click the Doodle and learn more! (remember, you have to be logged out of your custom iGoogle view to see the doodle, or at least perform a search).

Continuing with Google, we found a nifty little time-waster called A Google a Day. Test your web search skills by tracking down the answer to the daily trivia question. There’s a timer, hints, and when you succeed, you can use their social media features to brag about it on your Twitter!

Enough with Google news, because Facebook’s been even busier! Have you noticed all the new features they’ve added lately? Now you’ve got the option to organize your friends into lists, which creates a newsfeed for just those updates. For those of you with hundreds of friends or follow every brand page ever, this can really help you organize your news feed!

The thing we noticed this morning that has us even more excited from a marketing standpoint is the new feature of showing when and how your posts are shared. After you post to your business page, if anyone re-posts that update, you can see exactly who it was and what they said about your post! Great way to track how effectively your social media marketing is working (and if it isn’t, give us a call!)

To round up our Facebook news for the week, did you know part of Germany has banned businesses from using Facebook and their “like” button? It’s true! Businesses located in the Schleswig-Holstein state must deactivate their business page and remove all “like” buttons from their websites by the end of the month.

Basically, the German government is trying to prevent companies from shifting the blame for data privacy violations onto another party. Imagine what the social media marketing scene would look like here in the U.S. if we had a similar dilemma – yikes!

And there’s your Internet news bits for the week! We’ll be back Monday with more great We Do Web Content…content!

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