It’s the Final Fun Friday of the Year!

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December 31, 2010 – How appropriate that the final WDWC blog of the year is also the final Fun Friday of the year!

We’d love to end the year on a bang, but the boss gave us off today! Still, we couldn’t leave you without a few New Year’s shenanigans, so here’s a few fun stories to send you off with wishes for a great and entertaining 2011!


Here’s to another wacky year on the Internet!

Cool Lawyer Tools – Another Top 10 iPhone App List

There’s more iPhone “Top #” lists out there than you can shake a stick at, but this one has a good balance of professional-related apps, fun things, and useful tools. You or someone you know most likely got an iGadget this holiday season, so this could be a list to check out!

Keep tuned next year, because the world of apps is growing, and we think it’s going to be the tool that really helps small businesses take off in 2011!

Wacky Legal News – Lawyer Dad Uses Skills to Kick Girl off Hockey Team

Coming from our frosty neighbors to the north is a story about Canada’s favorite pastime: hockey!

Unfortunately, it’s another story that can give lawyers a bad rep, and a few bad apples always ruin the bushel. The story involves a hockey dad who, even though wasn’t a part of the coaching staff, drafted a meeting agenda for the team to discuss the poor performance of the only girl on the team.

The dad, who happens to be a lawyer, used his legal skills to bully the girl into dropping off the team. She felt pressured to leave, knowing that the parents would be constantly reviewing her performance after he brought it to their attention that she was not improving in her play during the season.

We’re all for using your legal skills in non-business ways – but don’t be a bully about it! Use your great knowledge to do some good in the world, not ruin the fun of pee-wee hockey leaguers!

Weird News – Wacky Florida News, a 2010 Recap

As we’re based in South Florida, we’re amused by the crazy news stories our home state seems to be famous for. We’re regularly features on FOX News with their “lighter side” ending stories, and edgy news aggregation website even honored Florida with its own content tag (and we’re the only state to hold that honor!).

Tampa Bay’s WTSP news station released this story on their favorite crazy news stories generated from the Sunshine State, including many related to animals. From frozen iguana-sicles to giant African snails, we have some crazy wildlife incidents going on!

And on that note, we leave you with wishes for an excellent 2011 full of more wacky legal news, fun and amazing Internet phenomenons, and lots more cute animals!

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