It’s the Kickoff of the 2010 Internet Week New York!

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June 7, 2010 – Welcome to Internet Week 2010…in New York at least. Today begins a week-long conference regarding all things Internet. All kinds of Internet-related companies, from Web developers, software engineers, hardware producers, and tons of press will be at venues across NYC for various panels, meet-and-greets, cocktail hours, and a good dose of random events (just like the Internet).

Companies appear at events like these to help connect with their fans and consumers and spread the word of their services or products. The more bizarre and over the top their events or marketing materials are, the more buzz it ends up getting on – yep, you guessed it – the Internet. In some ways, it may seem redundant, marketing your Internet services so they’ll be blogged about on the Internet the next day, but that’s the way to get people talking!

Expect to hear some exciting announcements on new developments from current Internet giants like Google and Yahoo. A lot of newly developed startups and projects are also likely to debut at events like these. The Internet will be buzzing with all the reports from the more than 100 events taking place during the week-long conference.

The week concludes on Monday, June 14 with the 14th Annual Webby Awards. Think of these as the Oscars of the Internet world. These awards honor excellence for interactive design, creativity, usability and functionality on the Internet

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