It’s the “Name Our Fish” Contest!

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January 17, 2011 – It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show, Name – That – Fish!

Ok, maybe it’s not a game show, but it’s still a contest where YOU can win fabulous prizes just for naming our fish!


I can has name? (and yes, we will probably LOL-caption him from time to time!)

He’s a male beta fish, dark blue with deep orange accents, and behaves pretty much like normal betas do…he swims, he eats, he floats up to the top of the tank to take a gulp of air, he chills in his little plant, he gets spooked and zips around once in a while. One unique feature he does have are two long “whiskers” coming down off under his side fins.

So, if you’ve got a creative name for this lil guy, please leave us a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook posts! Remember to give us a little insight as to why you’re suggesting the name – don’t be too obscure! The winner will be chosen on Friday this week and announced in our Fun Friday blog.

As for prizes…you get the prestigious honor of knowing that YOU named our fish! ***UPDATE!*** You also now get to become the proud owner of a snazzy WDWC blaze orange tote bag (able to handle weights of 2-year-olds and large cats) and a yummy bag of Swedish Fish!

So what are you waiting for?  NAME THAT FISH!


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