I’ve Been Workin’ On the Content Farm…

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February 8, 2011 – Custom content week may be over, but we’re still concerned with the state of content on the Internet. So let’s take a look at content farms and why they’re such a problem in today’s Internet marketing scene.

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Content farms provide the same content to the same audience – boring!

Just like there’s a difference between local, family farms that specialize in growing quality ingredients versus those giant factory farms that churn out lower quality goods to increase their profits, there’s also a big difference between getting quality content from an ethical Web content provider and turning to a mass-production style Content Farm.

All of the content available from a content farm are just copies of the same exact articles and blogs made available to multiple people.
 When you’re looking for content to help your website stand out from the crowd and appear prominently in search engine rankings, buying content from a content farm is like grabbing a shirt off the front display of a popular clothing store in the mall – you aren’t going to look very original when hundreds of other people are wearing the same shirt as you.

So how do you really make your own content statement?
 If you’re not up to the task of writing your own Web content, you can always find a company that will! The truth about content farms is that they sell canned content and want to sell that exact same piece of content to as many different companies as possible. Sure, you get some of the keywords you want, but the content itself is poorly developed and chances are Internet searchers are going to find it on one of the other 10,000 websites hosting the same article, not yours.

Custom content companies such as We Do Web Content offer a more effective approach to enhancing your Internet visibility.
 We develop custom content plans that focus on the topics and information important to your ideal clients. Our schedules work to increase your traffic by posting in a timely and consistent manner, and we monitor trends to maximize your keyword success through 100% original content that you find on any competitor’s site.

The most important part about the We Do Web Content services is that we’re NOT a content farm! Each piece of content that passes from our computers is made uniquely for YOUR business only. We never recycle articles, nor do we copy and paste from other sources. All of our content is 100% unique and customized to your needs – never plagiarized, never duplicated!

When your business is looking for quality, custom content for your website, newsletters, and social media look no further than We Do Web Content. Having unique content on your website is a great way to increase search engine rankings and boost your Internet marketing. For affordable, quality content exclusive to YOUR website, blog and clients, contact us today!  1-888-521-3880.