Kampyle feedback analytics tool simplifies customer service

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A newly revised analytics tool by Kampyle is simplifying customer service for website owners by integrating with Google Analytics to provide data on bounce rates and problems that decrease conversion.

Kampyle, a self-proclaimed “leading vendor of Online Feedback Analytics,” redesigned their software as a service (SaaS) survey tool and it now provides marketing and customer service departments more information to analyze to better meet the needs of their visitors.

The tool provides:

  • Online, real-time feedback from users
  • Customizable feedback forms for each page of a website
  • Multi-language support for feedback forms
  • Tools that help to identify why people don’t complete a shopping experience

According to an article by MediaPost, the popularity of social media has created new pressures for companies that need to maintain a positive image for their brand. Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking sites, allows dissatisfied customers the power to communicate with a wide network very quickly.  Kampyle’s tool gives customers another option that companies hope they utilize – fill out a feedback from and get a rapid response from someone in support, sales, or marketing.

Learn more about the Kampyle analytics tool.

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