Keep Business Names Consistent When Online Marketing for Your Company

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What’s in a name? When it comes to online marketing, the title your company goes by in its Internet content is critical to search engine success. From business directories to social media pages, every aspect of web content marketing relies on properly writing of your company name.

Every little detail of your business’s name counts – from the punctuation to the capitalization. Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of misspelled or improperly formatted business names occurs in the local business directories.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Business’s Name in Local Directories

The reason your business name is so important to your local listing is because multiple spellings can lead to multiple listings, and that’s never a good thing. Your business should have one listing per address, unless there are multiple professionals who each have their own practice, such as in a law firm.

Let’s say you run AA Air Conditioning, Inc. and you have one office location. You should have one business listing – but if your business name is spelled any differently on any other listing service, it may cause problems. Many third-party business listing directories aggregate data from the big guys – Google,, etc. – and if they’re pulling from multiple sites, chances are they’ll pull your profile from more than one.

If your name isn’t spelled consistently, it could create multiple listings with names like A.A. Air Conditioning, Inc. and AA Air Conditioning. This means you could have three separate profiles, all with the same information. While that may sound like a good thing (more exposure!) it’s not when it comes to reviews. Having multiple listings often confuses potential reviewers and rather than figure out which profile to leave their review on, they may just give up and not review at all.

Fixing Your Business Name

Perhaps one of the best tools out there to manage your business listings on the major platforms is Yext. Yext is an online marketing resource that has really created a niche for itself, filling a need that thousands of businesses have had at one point or another.

Yext gives you a free audit of your business’s name, using the name and phone number to search the top business directory sites and look for any discrepancies. The report they return shows you how your business appears on those sites and where fixes or additions need to be made.

Fixing your business’s profile across those sites can cost you many frustrating hours of work if you choose to do it individually. A word of caution about doing it individually – because many sites aggregate from other sources, it may not be possible to edit your listing on one site because they pulled it from another source.

We are an authorized Yext reseller – that means we’ll handle setting you up with the Yext PowerListings Complete package and optimize your listing content to target your keywords and ideal audience. Contact us today and ask about how content optimization can help your Internet content and business listings! Call us: 888-521-3880.