Keep Clients Engaged with a Monthly eNewsletter Marketing Campaign

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Your business should be in the news!

It’s true – every business has the potential to generate an informative newsletter, and with digital publishing it’s easier than ever! The new eNewsletter trend is a simple, cost-effective way of promoting your business and reinforcing your client base on a monthly basis.

eNewsletters Are Everywhere!

eNewsletters come in many formats. From a rich HTML e-mail to a well designed PDF, they can be accessed on nearly any Internet device, and even those PDFs can be printed and distributed for those not yet in the digital age!

According to Pew Research Center, 19 percent of adults in the U.S. owned some type of tablet device – and that was before the 2012 holiday season hit! eNewsletters were practically designed to be convenient to the tablet market, letting potential clients take your company news on-the-go.

E-mail is the more common way to distribute an eNewsletter because it’s the most convenient and easiest to develop and manage. Companies like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Vertical Response make eNewsletter campaigns quick and simple for any business owner to set up.

With the ease of eNewsletter development, it makes us wonder:

Why isn’t every business taking advantage of the ability to publish its own monthly eNewsletter?

Generating eNewsletter Content

As with any Internet marketing method, content is still king. You can have a beautifully laid out eNewsletter full of graphics and pictures, but this alone won’t be effective to engage clients (unless of course you’re a photographer or highly visual profession).

You need monthly content that’s topical, relevant, and enticing. The more share-able your content is, the more likely it is that your current subscribers will forward your eNewsletter to friends, expanding your reach with no extra effort on your part!

One of the perks of this marketing method is that your newsletter’s content doesn’t have to be all business. This is where you can really have some fun promoting your business! Show off some office news like a new employee, or company sponsorship of a local little league team.

Holiday content can be a great draw – safety tips for Fourth of July fireworks celebrations, best local places to go snowboarding. Of course, you’ll want to include SOME business-relevant material like the latest updates in your industry or law changes, but make sure to keep some fun in there, too!

Starting from Scratch with an eNewsletter Campaign

Getting a mailing list for a new eNewsletter campaign couldn’t be easier. If you’re already collecting client e-mails (and you should be!) you’ve built a list of people who are interested in your business. Now it’s just a matter of picking a mailing platform (we mentioned some of our picks earlier) and setting up your layout and content.

At We Do Web Content, these are all services that we handle for many of our clients so they don’t have to worry about their monthly newsletter being late or irrelevant. We develop a strong content plan and make a visually appealing, informative monthly newsletter that keeps old clients in the loop and introduces new clients to their businesses.

If you want to take advantage of this convenience for your business, a simple phone call or submission of our contact form will get you in touch with our sales team. Call today, 888-594-5442.