How to Keep Your Readers Interested

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How to Keep Your Readers Interested

I’m a skimmer. That means if I can’t find the information I need quickly, I won’t be on your page long. Unless you keep me interested.

When I’m interested in an article or a book, I will read for hours. I’ll sit there and read a 10-page article on my phone as long as the content piques my interest and keeps it.

You want your readers to want to turn that next page. So how do you do it?

Make your content unique.

Even if your article is similar in content to others, present it in a different way. Make a table or a bullet list or an infographic.

Writing about what to do after an accident? Give your readers a step-by-step list of everything they need to do.

Need to lay down a lot of statistics? Create a table.

Writing about the legal malpractice claims process and need a way to present it in a way that doesn’t involve paragraph after paragraph of text? Make it an infographic!

Most of these things take little to no time at all and make your content so much more interesting.

Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short.

There a few things I’d rather do than truck through a page-long paragraph, so I usually don’t. Long sentences and paragraphs are overwhelming. As I wrote in my post two weeks ago, website content is usually three to five paragraphs long to ensure it’s digestible.

Once you write something, have someone read it over. Ask them the following questions (and make sure they’re being honest):

  • Was the content interesting?
  • Did you read all the way to the bottom? Did you want to read all the way to the bottom?
  • Were the paragraphs too long?
  • Did you get the information you needed quickly enough?
  • Did anything distract you?

Come back next week to learn more about how certain newspapers and organizations are taking away capitalization for certain words. And check out this post about creating authentic, quality website content – making the content digestible is of chief importance.

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