Keep Up With Your SEO Keywords

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February 4, 2010 – SEO keywords are the terms and phrases that turn great Web content into great SEO Web content that can be easily found by search engines and finally by your target audience. Before you begin an SEO content plan, it’s important to identify those keywords and phrases, but since search engines are in the constant state of flux, so are your keywords. That means if you want to keep seeing your SEO content return great results, you’ll need to check in on those keywords on a routine basis.

Chances are you’ve already researched and established some of your most sought after SEO keywords to help you formulate your SEO content plan, but how long ago? Search engines are always changing and looking for new ways to refine their search methods, which naturally affects search engine results. People also change as will the words they use to search with, so it’s important to periodically re-research the SEO keywords and terms you rely on the most.

You may find that those SEO keywords aren’t performing as well as they did 6 months ago, and perhaps different phrases are getting more traffic. During your research you also may find more long-tail keywords that you didn’t know of or consider previously. You may also find that the SEO keywords you chose are still driving traffic to your site and you are right on track. Any way you spin it, doing a little keyword research every few months will only help improve your SEO efforts!

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