Keep Your Web Content Fresh by Poking Your Content

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There are many ways web content is evaluated to be ranked on search engine result pages (SERPs). Google’s spiders crawl and evaluate web pages to assess their content, which can ultimately influence how relevant Google believes a page to be to a user’s keyword search.

Some common methods to improve position on search rankings include:

  • be relevant to the search term with useful, relevant content;
  • use relevant, natural keywords with good ranking history;
  • be posted to a reputable URL;
  • have well-crafted meta descriptions, page titles, and headers; and
  • contain fresh, up-to-date content.

The final item on this list, content freshness, is one part of web marketing your company can achieve with a few simple steps.

Freshening Up Existing Web Content for Web Marketing

If your company has existing web content it may be time to freshen it up. Google doesn’t like to see that a website has sat for years without an update; it takes that as a sign that the information may be outdated or irrelevant. Every time a web page is updated the search engines know – and they’ll take any change, no matter how minor, as a sign that the content authors are still paying attention to that content.

One of the easiest ways to freshen up content is to update statistics. Pretty much any business can write an article or blog containing statistics about their industry. The wonderful thing about statistics, especially those that come from an annual report, is that they’re constantly being updated. This means that you can boost the web marketing for your company by simply updating some numbers every quarter or year.

Businesses that thrive on local clientele and community advertising can freshen up their web content AND improve their local marketing by blogging about recent community happenings or events. This is especially useful if your company sponsors or participates in these events – it’s great PR!

Another Helpful Hint – “Poke” Your Google+ Local Listing

As already mentioned, the search engines notice any update to your web content – no matter how minor. One of the best places to boost the web marketing of a company that does mainly local business is by having a Google+ Local listing associated with your business address.

Once you’ve claimed and set up your business listing on Google+ Local, it’s a good idea to go in every month and do a little update on your listing. Switch up the text in your business description, add a new picture of your office, upload your latest YouTube video URL – practically anything you do to your profile will count as a “poke” and show Google that you’re still an operational business.

Our advice: set up a calendar reminder every month to remind you to “poke” your Google+ Local listing. Our company, We Do Web Content, has several other methods to improve your local search optimization and help you capture more local leads. Head over to our contact form and our sales manager will introduce you to the world of Internet marketing through quality, unique web content! Call us at 888-521-3880.