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December 1, 2009 – The look and feel of your website, from the colors to the content should have one goal in mind — your customers. Part of achieving a website that can provide valuable information is keeping your website accessible to as many potential customers as possible.

Accessibility and Web Design

Part of accessibility has to do with your web design. Does your website use colors that are difficult for people with visual disabilities or color blindness? Are your font sizes easily readable? Can someone who is not Internet savvy look at your homepage and easily figure out how to get to your library, contact page, FAQs?

If not, it’s time to start thinking about how to improve your visitors’ experience on your website. Ask friends and family to give you their opinion about what elements of your website are confusing or could look cleaner. You can also ask employees to send your link to their friends if you think your family may be too biased or unwilling to give you honest criticism. It’s not about following every suggestion you get, but if there is a particular area that several people are all having issues with you might start thinking about how to improve it.

Accessibility and SEO Content

The same way you don’t want to alienate your target audience through your web design, you also need to avoid leaving gaps in your SEO content. If you are a lawyer you will naturally specialize in some areas of law. Of course the focus should be on the types of cases you typically work on, but it’s important to provide a series of articles that take on the subject from several angles.

This also gives you the opportunity to fill your website with a good amount of informative SEO content that contains your keywords and will drive traffic to your website. Don’t write one 3,000 word article about car accidents. No one will read it and you waste your SEO opportunities as search engines won’t crawl an article of that size all the way to the end. Instead write 10 different articles that each take on one aspect of car accidents such as – how to file a personal injury lawsuit, how to file wrongful death lawsuit, drunk driving accidents, driver fatigue accidents, and so on.

The most important idea to take away is that your website should be as open and inclusive as possible. You want to provide the style, design, and content that convinces your potential clients that you are a professional with the expertise and organization to help them with their legal needs. By keeping your website as accessible as possible and fixing elements that may prevent visitors from enjoying your website, you’ll be sure to bring in new leads and contacts through your site.

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