Keeping the ‘Social’ in Your Business’s Social Media Marketing

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The term ‘business social media’ probably brings to mind some big corporate Facebook page with no personality – a pretty content aggregator for the latest press release. This isn’t social media marketing at its best, and we feel it’s time to dispel the notion that business social media has to be sterilized!

More businesses are on social media than you may think. According to a survey from, 78 percent of small business owners use Twitter, and 75 percent have their businesses on Facebook. For those that have jumped on the business social media marketing bandwagon, 62 percent said they post an average of eight or more times per week.

No matter the size of your company, business social media needs to be conducted with the key word in mind: social. You are creating an online extension of your business and it needs to serve you as both a client outreach and a social media marketing tool.

This can be achieved in many ways and the most important to remember is client response. You are connecting socially to potential clients, so your posts, likes, and actions need to reflect the social aspect of your business. It doesn’t matter that you’re a professional service – you have some personality there somewhere!

Look to your local community for inspiration on what to share with your social media profiles. Does your business sponsor a local youth sports team? Is there a fundraising walk for the cure coming up soon? Even local governmental news like plans for a new park – these are all topics that show you’re invested in the community and your clients.

It’s even better when you can get local or national news stories related to your industry as a shareable item on your business social media accounts. Social media marketing isn’t just about promoting your own web content and articles; you can also gain interest from your potential clients by discussing and sharing the topics about which they’re concerned.

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