Keeping Your Brand Consistent On Social Media Networks

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October 21, 2009 – Having a successful web presence means creating and maintaining a consistent brand throughout your website, blogs, and social media networks. Part of creating a brand for your legal practice is ensuring that when people search for your name across multiple online channels, they find profiles that are actually owned by you and not a squatter or another company with a similar name.

While a few social media networks tend to hog the majority of the media spotlight (i.e. – Facebook and Twitter), there are actually hundreds of social networking websites visited by millions of U.S internet users everyday. Thankfully, there are also websites like KnowEm and Namechk that allow you to easily search for your brand/personal/preferred profile name across hundreds of these sites, claim your identity, see if your name has already been taken, and help you start the search over again if need be with a name from your Plan B list.

Before the idea of hundreds of social networks begins to terrify you, know outright that you do not need a presence on every single blog generator, online video website and the like. It is important however, for you to decide which of these popular social networks you need to have at least a cursory presence on, meaning the name and profile information belong to you.

It’s also important to note that not all social networks require the same amount of attention. For example, Twitter requires a good deal of constant interaction to be utilized successfully, but a photo sharing website like Flickr or even the slideshow network SlideShare are good networks to have a branded presence on, even if you only load a photo or slideshow every few months.

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