Keywords in Titles and Headings

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September 30, 2009 – When planning the web content development of your website, it’s important to take advantage of important keyword opportunities and to create those opportunities when writing your SEO content.

Keywords in Page Titles

One of the most important SEO keyword placements in your content is the Page Title of your web page. The Page title, also known as a title tag, are the words that appear in the browser title window at the very top of the page next to the browser icon and should not be confused with the article or blog title, which is the name of the piece of content displayed on the actual page.

The Page title should include your best keywords for the relevant topic of the page as well as the name of your company. Page titles are critical when it comes to SEO and how search bots crawl your web pages, so it is imperative to use these keyword opportunities to their fullest! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also be creating compelling article or blog headings that also contain your relevant keywords!

Keywords in Subheadings

A commonly overlooked keyword strategy is to make the most of subheadings as great keyword opportunities. Subheadings exist within a piece of content and are helpful visually to break up the page and signify where a more specific topic within the topic will be explored. For example, the 2 subheadings used in this blog are “Keywords in Page Titles” and “Keywords in Subheadings”. These serve a visual and contextual purpose, but they also serve as a great SEO opportunity to include keywords in the post.

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