Lawsuit claims Google infringed on trademark, skewed search results

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A lawsuit filed by computer software company, Ascentive, claims that Google has committed trademark infringement by allowing competitors to use words associated with Ascentive as “keywords.”

Keywords can be purchased through Google’s pay-per-click program
, Adwords. When a user searches the internet with a certain keyword, purchased advertisements associated with those keywords will appear alongside organic search results.

Ascentive alleges that Google permitted terms such as “Finally Fast” to be bought by rival businesses, triggering advertisements for those businesses, rather than Ascentive. Similar trademark infringement lawsuits have been filed against Google in the recent past, but only one lawsuit (by Geico) went to trial. Google settled the lawsuit in 2005.

Ascentive’s lawsuit contains an additional allegation that is unique to the recent rash of lawsuits against the premier search engine. Ascentive claims that Google removed its name from organic search results citing a decrease of almost 75% decrease in traffic to their site during a limited time period.

Learn more about Ascentive’s lawsuit against Google.

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