Why Lawyer Content Marketing Should Include Google+ Hangouts

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Content marketing has changed drastically over the last several years. In the early days it was message boards and forums. That quickly changed to article marketing and press releases. Today, it is accepted that content should be hosted by the individual creating it. Google+ encourages promotion of content through a personal online profile that is linked back to a website or Internet entity. A new type of content that has hit the Internet is Google+ Hangouts on Air, which are YouTube videos that can be hosted by a Google+ profile. These video chats are crawled, indexed and ranked in Google search.

Graph shows: Organic G+ growth since September 2013

Graph shows: Organic G+ growth since September 2013

Lawyers looking for content to reach and help potential clients should utilize Google+ Hangouts on Air. It is a perfect platform to answer questions related to one’s practice. If you are a personal injury lawyer, for example, you are likely asked, “How long will it take me to recover from my injuries?”

Instead of answering this question dozens of times a day, you can answer it on a Hangout on Air and post it to your website for the world to see. This is just one of many examples of how you can use Hangouts on Air. To completely understand the value of Hangouts on Air and YouTube videos let’s take a trip down memory lane to discuss the history of content marketing.

History of Content Marketing

Starting around 2007 and 2008 many websites wanted to grow their online presence and resorted to article marketing. If you were to type “article marketing” into the Google search engine then you would find hundreds of posts explaining how this is the way to win the Google search battle. That changed quickly in 2010 and 2011 when Google discounted links coming from websites such as eZine Articles, Amazines and Go Articles. After Google lowered the value of links from these websites, the next fix to the problem was press releases.

In 2010 and 2011 press release websites like PRWeb exploded in popularity. In mid-2013, Google announced it was going to discount press release links. The company considered press release links just one more method of ‘purchasing’ links. Finally, after many years of trying to game the system, most companies and businesses have come to realize they need to create their own content and host it on their own website.

Creating content is not easy, though, which is what makes it so valuable. Anything that takes time and effort brings out more value in the eyes of Google. Writing a 1000-word blog post and posting it to your website is much more valuable than writing four 200-word articles and posting them on an article-marketing website. Essentially, you’re your content where it belongs: on your site. Google+ was one major impetus for self-hosted content. In June 2011, Google launched Google+. One of the most useful features of Google+ is Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Google+ Hangouts on Air and Content Generation

To run a Google+ Hangout on Air a user simply needs a(n):

  • webcam;
  • microphone;
  • internet connection; and
  • Google+ account.

There are some other, more intricate, details but these are the only necessary items. When hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air the host can select the Q&A app which will let anyone ask a question while the event is streaming live on YouTube.

It is important to distinguish that every Google+ Hangout on Air has a YouTube URL. This means anyone in the world has the opportunity to watch the video live or after it has been completed.

The video will be posted to the YouTube profile of the individual who hosted the event and can be repurposed in many ways. One of the most effective ways to repurpose it is to embed the video in a blog post on your website. By adding the video and doing a short synopsis of the topic, website owners demonstrate to Google they are using their products effectively.

Ranking in Google Search

Ultimately, most attorneys desire to rank high in Google search. Content generation and marketing help increase search traffic, which will then increase the number of phone calls. Remember that Google owns YouTube. Time and again we have seen valuable YouTube videos show up on the front page of Google search. This is not to say you can complete a YouTube video about medical malpractice, for example, and immediately rank on the front page.

What it does mean is that attorneys can use the free resources provided by Google+ to reach a broader audience. Even if just one potential client sees the video it is still a valuable resource that can increase business. For some, however, taking the time to learn and utilize Google+ Hangouts on Air can be difficult.

At We Do Web Content (WDWC) we are always looking for new ways to create content for our clients. We now offer an opportunity for attorneys to add Google+ Hangout to their content strategies. At WDWC we strive to stay abreast of recent developments in content marketing and are always looking for opportunities to work with pioneers in the industry.

We decided to partner with Jesse Wojdylo, a G+ fanatic and social media junkie. Jesse has amassed over 550,000 Google+ followers and he has a very strong presence on the network. Jesse will work with our team to create an informative hangout that you can use as content to educate and connect with potential clients.

By doing this hangout with Jesse you will be exposed to a large audience. There will also be the opportunity to use Google+ communities and other Google+ resources to promote your services and your business. The Google+ resources are a way to reiterate to Google that you have the desire to please the end user. Google search has continued to update with the end user in mind. If your law firm is pleasing website visitors your page will rank well in Google search.

Learn more about content marketing and the services we offer. Call us today at 888-521-3880 or contact us online.