Lead Generation: Going After the Good and Dropping the Bad

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December 11, 2009 – One of the main objectives of most websites is to generate leads, in other words, to get your target audience to contact you for more information about your products and services which will hopefully lead to a sale. Not all leads are ideal, but there are some things you can do to promote good leads and attract less bad ones.

  1. Clarity is Key – Being really clear about exactly what it is your company does, and what you don’t do, can save you a lot of headaches from emails, phone calls, etc. of people asking you to perform services way out of your focus. You can achieve this through targeted content and a very thorough FAQ section, as well as optimized landing pages for each section of your website that really spells out your strengths, niche, and how your services can benefit your clients. If there is a service that your company does not provide and you continually get questions asking you about this service, write some web content that specifically addresses that do not perform this function with a brief reason why.
  2. Think Local – Unless you are an online retailer, most likely your service-oriented website is limited to a specific geographic location. Being sure to include regional keywords in your SEO content as well as clearly state on your landing pages, FAQs, contact page, etc. your company location and what areas you can provide your services for.
  3. Stay Relevant – When people try to attract visitors to their website with keywords or PPC ads that are not relevant to the type of business they are, those leads are duds. If someone is looking for a plumber and clicks on a plumber ad only to find themselves on a kitchen appliances website, they aren’t going to suddenly realize they need a new stove, they are going to leave. By sticking to your services, industry, and niche in your SEO content, advertisements, etc. you’ll attract the visitors who are actually looking for you. These are the leads that end up as new clients.

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