Legal Content Writing: Are You Staying Current?

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December 3, 2009 – SEO content should always be fresh, relevant, and current in order for your customers to want to find and read what you have published on your website. If that information is too out-dated, it’s time to step in and write more current material. After all, no one cares about car accident statistics from 2004 when it’s almost 2010.

Since it is almost the end of the year, now is a good time to start looking through the articles on your website and deciding if the information you are providing is still relevant, or if it is time to write a new version with some updated facts and statistics.

For example, if you published a fairly basic article about how to file a personal injury claim in your state a few years ago, and all of that information is still accurate, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. On the other hand, if a law in your state recently changed that added a new component to filing a personal injury lawsuit or would make any of the information in your article no longer true, it’s time to get that info off of your website and replace it with the correct information.

In cases where only an element or two has changed, you can likely just go into the existing piece and make the necessary edits to keep the article active and accurate. If a major change occurs that really throws your entire premise out the window, you may need to remove the article from your website entirely and write a new one that reflects the recent changes.

Keeping the Old and the New

Consumers tend to like information that is accompanied by solid facts. You can provide this information by relating studies and figures about issues that affect your legal practice such as car accident statistics for your state (or nationally), crib recalls and child injuries, medical malpractice lawsuits, slip and fall injuries in public places, and so on. If you’ve written an article with these statistics in 2006, you don’t need to delete it from your website, just add a new article into the mix with the most recent statistical information available.

By including the older and more recent information on your website, you can identify trends (did the numbers go up or down over time?) and reinforce your position as an informational resource for your legal niche.

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