Length Matters! Longer Tweets Mean More Clicks

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September 29, 2011 – When composing your next tweet, you should make sure you’re making the best use of your character count!

When Twitter hit the social media stage a very restrictive 140-character limit came with it, causing headaches to long-winded marketers. Suddenly, new message-shortening slang and services began to arise, with link shrinkers like bit.ly becoming a necessity for tweeting links to websites.

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Today, Twitter is one of the social media giants many businesses use to keep their clients engaged in their latest news and offers. Food trucks tweet their daily locations, restaurants let their followers know happy hour begins in 2 hours, and hardware stores announce their latest deal on house paint.

Some new data from a research study on Twitter message length has shown that while Twitter may be a short-form platform, you still need to make use of as much of those 140 characters as you can. The research shows, the longer your tweet, the more likely followers are to click on the link you’re promoting.

Tweets of 20 characters generally got about a 6% click-through rate (CTR), while tweets nearing the 130 mark saw a nearly 16% CTR.

This shows that followers are looking for a little more than “Read my blog: http://bit.ly/n0TujD” in your marketing tweets. The recent marketing research data suggests that putting a little more effort into your tweets can generate more clicking through on your links!

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