Lessons for Law Firms: Living Locally

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How often do you see local businesses sponsoring community events or getting their name on city displays? These things don’t just happen by circumstance – smart lawyers reach out to their communities to build their reputation in their target client areas.

Even though the Internet is global, you can do a huge favor to your local marketing by focusing on the news that’s important to your community and clients. Especially with your blogs, your content doesn’t always have to be serious legal news and information.

One of our favorite practices at We Do Web Content is to find local news stories that we can relate to our clients’ practice. For personal injury attorneys, this often means notifying their followers of nearby car accidents, traffic or weather hazards, and other events that could lead to a higher risk of injuries.

Seasonal local content can be great, too. If you’re in an area where weather can have an impact on injury rates, it’s a great time to do some blogs on skiing safety or swimming tips for your toddler. Other legal areas such as family law or business law can also touch on local news by relating to local demographics or census results, or offering information on relevant local events.

You know your community best, but you also have a successful law firm to run. We Do Web Content can help your office keep up with the local scene without having to do all the legwork yourself! Our blogging and local search enhancement services have helped law firms across the country reach out to their community without having to dig up the best content themselves!

Leave Writing Web Content for Legal Matters to Us!

The content on a law firm’s website has to follow more than just Google standards for SEO. There are state bar rules for the language you can use on your website, as well as the fine line between general information and giving legal advice online. If your writing team doesn’t know the nuances of web writing for legal content, you could be risking your business’s reputation!

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