Lessons for Law Firms: Putting in Your Personality

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When choosing an attorney, potential clients are looking for someone with the experience necessary to handle their case, but they may also be shopping with their emotions. If you’ve ever heard someone say he or she chose a professional because the professional “felt right”, that’s a sign of letting emotions come into play.

When looking to hire an attorney, most clients are worried, scared, or upset about their legal issues. They’re probably in an emotional state and they’re going to be more sensitive to things that appeal to those emotions. Your web content can be a good opportunity to cater to those emotions if you have the right web content writers!

If you ask people how they feel about their lawyers, they will rarely say they don’t like them. Why would someone choose to work with an attorney he or she doesn’t like? This is why most clients select an attorney only after they’ve decided that they are comfortable with him or her. To help potential clients get a feel for your personality before they schedule that initial consultation, it’s important to put a little bit of yourself in your web content.

Blogs are a great for letting your personality come to light. You can take on a more casual tone and really get into details about your practice. Many successful law firm blogs have content that shows their attorneys are truly connected to their practice, whether it be anecdotes to past cases or stories of personal relation to the legal matters at hand.

By varying your content between serious and casual you can show clients that while you are a professional in your field of law, you are also a human being that understands the emotional side of legal matters. When clients like what they read, they’re more apt to seek further contact with your firm!

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The content on a law firm’s website has to follow more than just Google standards for SEO. There are state bar rules for the language you can use on your website, as well as the fine line between general information and giving legal advice online. If your writing team doesn’t know the nuances of web writing for legal content, you could be risking your business’ reputation!

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